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Stefanie is a journalist and photographer who has been based in Kabul, Afghanistan for the past three years.


She focuses on covering news, conflict, security and human rights abuses.

Prior to working in Afghanistan, Stefanie has covered breaking news worldwide, including the aftermath of the 2021 Gaza War, the Lebanon explosion, the arrival of Rohingya people in Bangladesh, the East African drought in Somalia and Kenya, the Lake Chad Basin displacement in Niger, the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and the Syrian war from across-the-border refugee camps in Jordan.

She was based in South Sudan full-time for almost two years, working for the AFP new agency and winning the Prix Varenne for her photography work. 

Her clients include AFP, The Guardian, The Economist, Foreign Policy, The Los Angeles Times, The National, Reuters, and The Telegraph, Die Zeit, among other.  

Stefanie is an International Women's Media Foundation fellow and holds a Master's Degree in International Journalism from City, University of London. Besides English, she also speaks German, French, Spanish and Farsi.

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